Posted by: frankjwalker | September 19, 2014

So What is this Marriage Counseling Stuff?

So what is this counseling thing anyway?


Far too many feel that Therapy is some crazy kind of mumbo-jumbo and frankly who needs it.

Counseling  is simply a place and time for a person to ask questions and get help to find the right answers to a need.

  • It does take work…

That said therapy can be a lot of thought provoking work. Therapy can be enlightening and life changing.

  • You are not crazy…

Just because you seek therapy doesn’t mean your crazy. In fact seeking help is the most sane thing you can do.

The therapist is there to listen, learn and to help you put words to a world that is often frustrating and confusing. The therapist is trained to give insight and meaning to what your going through.

  • It’s Confidential…

Everything  in therapy is confidential and the therapist won’t give you any grief like your neighbor or family member might. Confidentiality is part of the law.

  • The first step…

Your first step in therapy is to make the contact.



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