Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | September 2, 2014

Communication the old fashioned way…

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Take the time in the next few days to do something old fashioned and powerful.

Send a friend or family member a handwritten letter. It only costs a little bit and is worth a lot more.

It takes a little more time and thought but is well worth the effort.

I know, I know you can email, text or maybe even call. 

The act of sitting down and writing a short note (hey, make it a long letter) shows how much you care. Letters are saved, re-read and cherished by those that receive them.

So take the time and do something quaint and old fashioned write a letter.



Frank Walker LMFT


Cambria, Ca.


Contact me through this site or




  1. Eagerly awaiting your letter Mr. IPhone Man!

Thank you

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