Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 9, 2014

But First…


But first…

Luke 9:61

Another also said, “I will follow You, Lord; but first permit me to say good-bye to those at home.”


I’m going to make a confession. I am pretty self-centered. Somehow I have the idea that my stuff comes first.

I’m not letting myself off the hook here but most of us have this same idea. We all think we are number one and everything, I mean everything else has to wait until I’m done.

So we are watching a show on TV, playing a video game, texting or doing just about anything else you could think of and people just have to wait.

We think,”Everything I am doing is much more important than what you want me to do”.

  • So what wrong with that? Just about all of it is wrong.

If you are a spouse, a parent, a child, a brother, a sister, an employee, a student or a Christian then you should know and understand that it is never just about you. Understand this too, it was “never” all about you.

  • When dinner is on the table, it’s time to eat. Put the game away, turn off the TV.
  • When a job needs to be done, do the job. Your stuff can wait.
  • When Mom or Dad needs help. Get off the couch and help.
  • When someone is talking to you put the cell phone down. The text really can wait.
  • When Jesus calls you follow.

You are an important part of a community, company, neighborhood and family. All of them need your attention, your contribution and involvement.

Yes you have your rights. But here is the glorious part of giving up your rights. It is “our” responsibility your family, friends and community to make sure your needs are met. We will be there when you need us.

That’s the great part about being part of something that is bigger than you. Families, neighborhoods and communities are in it for all of us.

Frank Walker LMFT


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