Posted by: frankjwalker | May 21, 2014





I have mentioned in the past that as a therapist I am in the game of providing and nurturing hope.

  •  Changes can be made…

The biggest part of having “hope” is the notion that changes can be made.

  •  Change must happen

I try to provide my clients with the hope that things can and will get better. Things will change and must change.

  •  Energy…

However, change cannot occur without the expending of some energy. It’s great to say I’m going to change but then go back sit down and do nothing.


To many times we (I said we. I’m putting myself in this too.) have these grand plans that lead nowhere. Why?  Simply because we do not put the energy into making the change that needs to happen.

  •  Get off the couch…

Get off the couch, make the phone call, set up an appointment, get out of bed and take the steps toward change. Hope brings about change but only if you make the effort to change.


Frank Walker  LMFT
Marriage and Family Therapist


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