Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | April 13, 2014

What your Spouse Needs.( For Men Only)




This is for the Husbands out there.



1. Your wife needs affection.

Yes, cuddly, on the couch affection.

Hug her, kiss her and hold her hand in public. Show the world that she is your lady.

Embarrass the kids and act like a teenager in love. You remember that don’t you.


2. Your love needs open and honest communication.

Don’t just nod your head and grunt every once in awhile, when she’s talking to you.

Listen, really listen to what she has to say and respond to what you hear. Don’t try to fix it, just listen.

Maybe listen while your cuddling and you get two for one (see above) on the needs list.


3. Your wife needs true commitment to the family.

Yes, you bring home the check and work all day. Sorry it isn’t enough.

Get involved with the household stuff. The cleaning, cooking, washing and taking care of the kids, stuff. You know all the stuff that the “little lady” does.

Read to the kids at bedtime, help them with their homework, make a real commitment. Be a man that your kids and wife will be proud of.


Thank you

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