Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | February 6, 2014

Take The Bullet Daily

Bullet holez5photo credit: idolclast


Take the bullet daily

I often ask husbands if they would give their lives if an intruder came in to their home and the family was threatened. If a robber held a gun at the family would they stand in the way to shield them?

Most guys get all puffed up and say that sure they would do anything to protect their family. I ask, “Would you even take a bullet to protect your family?” They of course say yes. What man wouldn’t say that they would do anything to protect their family? After all it’s the manly thing to do.

My next question is the important one. Then why aren’t you doing that today? Why aren’t you dying for your wife and family today? Usually they are puzzled and don’t understand.

This whole love and family stuff is a daily dying to self thing, a daily putting your own rights and desires to the side in favor of the family, of your loved ones.

If you are willing to put your life on the line to protect them in an extreme situation like a home intrusion, then do the same by being selfless and focus on the needs of those you love today.

Be the true man you are meant to be by giving up your life for those you say you love.

Take the bullet every day.

Frank Walker

MFT intern #29002

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