Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 16, 2013

The best of 2013: Feelings VS Facts


This blogpost was from April 2013.

Feelings vs. Facts

Feelings are not facts. Just because so and so, said such and such does not make it a fact. Facts are based on truth. Understand that unless it is a fact it is not the truth. Facts are proven and irrefutable.

Feelings are what you think after being presented with the evidence of facts.

Much of the time we get things in reverse and start feeling before the truth backed by fact is even presented.

Therein is the dilemma. We feel, before we know the facts and those feelings cause us to be depressed and anxious about really “nothing”.

Understand this; you can choose how you feel. If you choose to feel bad, depressed or anxious about lies, untruths, speculations and rumors then that is your choice. But understand that your feelings are not based on factual evidence or truth.  

Get the facts, understand the facts, have faith in the facts and then decide how you will feel about them.

Live your life based on the truth, not the drama of unmerited opinions and lies.


Thank you

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