Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 14, 2013

The Best of 2013: It’s Not the Resteraunt

** You probably guessed, this was posted in February 2013.

It’s Not the Restaurant

Valentine’s Day is this week and everyone is on alert. Hey, guys and ladies it isn’t the gift but the gift giver that is important. It isn’t the restaurant that makes the place romantic it is who you are with.

I often ask couples in therapy when was the last time they dated. There usually is a pause, sometimes a long pause. Most married couples don’t go on dates anymore. I know, I know there is so much taking away your time and energy and dating is way down on the list.

Too often when you think of dating you probably are thinking of a fancy place with white table clothes and the whole ambiance thing. Yes that’s great but what makes the date romantic is the guy or girl you’re with. Fast food can be romantic if you are with the one you love.

That romantic gesture you get on Valentine’s Day is nothing compared to the intention of the person who is giving it. Romance is in the heart of the one you love not the stuff you get on that day.

We get stuck trying to get that one thing that will show our love. But our love comes from our heart and that where it all should start.

This isn’t a get out of jail card. You still need to go the distance and get your loved something. But get something and give it with your love.

Thank you

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