Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | December 4, 2013

Stop The Chatter

2 Timothy 2:16

But avoid worldly and empty chatter…

Sometimes that’s all there is out in the everyday world, empty chatter.

In days gone by if you had something to say you would grab the wooden box and go to the local public square and stand on the box and say your piece.

We have a more modern version of the soapbox with websites, blogs, and tweets all providing ways for anyone to say anything they think or feel.

It hasn’t changed much. The talk in our world is still empty chatter. Gossip, hearsay, and rumors fill the air. The catty he said, she said talk on the playground, is just the same as when it is presented in the national media when the word gets out about celebrities and their lifestyles and eating patterns.

Like bugs drawn to a light bulb, we humans love to hear some juicy tidbit about so and so.

Yet we run from serious, heart-to-heart, soul changing discussions.

Take these three steps to stop chatter:

  1. Don’t be drawn in by idle gossip.
  2. If chatter comes your way stop it, don’t spread it.
  3. Fight gossip with the truth. Challenge statements with the honest truth. Even go to the source.

Empty chatter is just that, empty. None of us has the time or energy to waste on worthless talk. Make your talk count.

Thank you

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