Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | November 7, 2013

Heart Filled


Matthew 12:34

… For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.

“Where are those thoughts and words coming from? I never in my life would have thought you could’ve said such things”.

We need to search our innermost heart. We need to experience what we really feel and understand. It’s very easy to cover up hurts and dashed expectations with a thin veneer of Christian slogans and catchphrases.

We can play the Christian game but not really deal with the real issues of our life.

Then one day when we least expect it, our true feelings come out boiling up from below. Words that we tried never to say, things we thought we would never reveal come out

Life has been hard on us; we have been hurt, abused, and abandoned. We want to forget and never go back to that time again. Yet, there it is, it just came out.

God calls all of us to healing, to renewal, and to cleansing. Take time to go back. Examine your heart, examine your motives. Allow the loving touch of God to mend your broken heart. God loves you and wants to fill your heart with his love. He wants you to get rid of that “stuff” that is keeping you from being alive and well in Him.

  1. Take some time to examine your life. Take a walk, get away and look closely at where you are and where you have been.
  2. Is your past affecting your present?
  3. Is your past holding you back or holding you down?
  4. Pray for a release from the bad stuff in your past.
  5. Ask for a renewal of God’s spirit in your life.
  6. Bad stuff has happened to you. Don’t let the past overshadow the future. God wants only good for you stand on that promise.

Thank you

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