Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 28, 2013

A Good Father… #11

000_0012I have written a list of what a “Good parent is” and a what a “Good grandparent is” . Here is my list and discussion about what a good father is.

This parent thing is such an important topic and needs to be talked about and considered. I have had a little experience and know something about it having raised 4 adult kids that have turned into great examples of parents themselves. (No bragging intended.)

Here is number eleven from that list I would love to hear what you think and maybe I will add your suggestions to the list.


Is a man and knows what that means.

We live a world that is gender confused. Things are not like they were when in the 50’s and 60’s Father Knew Best and the Cleavers were in charge. The world was never like that anyway.

Contemporary men are someplace between John Wayne and Woody Allen. We are somewhere between Superman and Scooby Doo. All of these are caricatures of what a true man is and should be. Do not aspire to be what you are not and cannot be. You are a man that God made and God molded. Do not allow the “media” be your role model. Look to the elders in your church and community for what the qualities of manliness should be. So many men have grown up without a father in their home, or if there was a dad he was there, but noncommittal to providing a model of manhood.

Men today are called to have much more responsibility in the running of the household and childrearing. Embrace this new view of what a father is. Your role, like this changing world, is different now, and yet it is no less important than when men went out to kill dinosaurs for the family. The key has always been to love your wife and family with everything you have and to enjoy your place as the man in this thing called fatherhood.


Here is the entire list:

A Good Father …

1.      Shows by doing.

2.      Gives of his time.

3.      Is consistent yet flexible.

4.      Is not afraid to show vulnerability.

5.      Is present, is there.

6.      Loves their mother.

7.      Knows his priorities and his kids and family are at the top of the list

8.      Tells a good bedtime story.

9.      Doesn’t have all the answers but is looking for them.

10.  Can change a diaper.

11.  Is a man and knows what that means.

Thank you

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