Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | October 24, 2013

Ashes to Ashes


Ashes to Ashes

My wife and I have had many amazing experiences at the central coast, in California. Seals, Otters, whales and God’s wonders. But today we witnessed something different and touching.

Suzanne met me after my morning walk along the beach front. We always walk out together to the viewing point next to Leffingwell Landing at the north end of Moonstone Beach here in Cambria. It’s a beautiful view and we love just to breathe in the ocean air as we begin our day.

As we neared the lookout point a lady climbed out on to the rocks overlooking the water and opened a square can with a plastic bag in it. At first we didn’t know what she was doing and then saw that she had ashes in the bag. She began to throw the ashes out toward the ocean. She wasn’t doing too well, as the wind was blowing so she moved in front of the viewing area, where we were standing.

The woman seemed like she wanted to talk and I asked her how she was doing. She told us that she was throwing the ashes of her late husband into the sea. I asked and she told us he died 4 months ago. He loved the ocean and she had been traveling up the California coast this weekend to find the right spot to place her husband’s ashes. We agreed with her that this was a great spot. I asked her again if she was all right (the therapist in me). She smiled and thanked me and said she wasn’t going to jump in to the water or anything crazy.

Suzanne showed her where the stairs were so that she could get closer to the water. I again asked her if she was OK and told her “God Bless “.

We watched her climb the stairs down to the water and throw out her husband’s ashes.

My wife and I were both concerned that she was by herself and gosh I am not sure exactly what else we thought. It was a sobering, amazing, and a heartfelt thing to witness.

We both were amazed that we able to witness this event. A woman’s last moments with her husband and her last act of saying goodbye. We watched and witnessed as she stood for a few moments then went back up the stairs and walked along the shore.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust (Genesis 3:19). Somehow that place will be a little different now.

Thank you

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