Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | September 16, 2013

A Good Father… #5

000_0012I have written a list of what a “Good parent is” and a what a “Good grandparent is” . Here is my list and discussion about what a good father.

This parent thing is such an important topic and needs to be talked about and considered. I have had a little experience and know something about it having raised 4 adult kids that have turned into great examples of parents themselves. (No bragging intended.)

Here is number five from that list I would love to hear what you think and maybe I will add your suggestions to the list.



5. Is present, is there.


Too many times we are there in the flesh but not in the spirit.

Guys have a way of focusing that causes them to only see and do what they are concentrating on. Video games, TV shows, sports, we all have as way of tuning out whatever else is going on around us. The kids and our spouses ask questions and we respond with a grunt or a nod and never turn to engage or really reply.

This guy focus can be a good thing when we need to hunt or fix things or survive. But it is a problem when we are in charge of a thriving, demanding and wriggling mass, called family. We have to fight this one mindedness and be there, in the moment, for our family.


Here is the entire list:

A Good Father …

1.      Shows by doing.

2.      Gives of his time.

3.      Is consistent yet flexible.

4.      Is not afraid to show vulnerability.

5.      Is present, is there.

6.      Loves their mother.

7.      Knows his priorities and his kids and family are at the top of the list

8.      Tells a good bedtime story.

9.      Doesn’t have all the answers but is looking for them.

10.  Can change a diaper.

11.  Is a man and knows what that means.

Thank you

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