Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | August 21, 2013

Words Do have True Meaning

Ephesians 5:4

… And there must be no filthiness and silly talk…


I brought my grandkids to movie the other day. The theater was packed. A woman in the row behind us started berating her kids with every cuss word imaginable. A gentleman next to me turned around and asked her to stop the language because there were kids present. The lady quieted down but looked at the guy with eyes that could kill. He was a brave man; the lady was larger than me. And I’m not that brave.

Two things were wrong on the woman’s part. One, she acted foolishly, yelling at her kids in that crowded space. Take the offender out away from the source of the offense. Discipline in private. Two, what was the foul language teaching her children?

I know being a parent can drive you to cussing and spitting, I’ve been there. But parents are supposed to be adults and smarter and wiser than children. So often we forget who we are and let all kinds of silly immature talk come out of our mouths.

I applaud the man who stood up to the woman’s foul language. We have come to accept filthy talk in our daily lives. Words that we would never have heard 10 years ago are a regular part of our primetime television. Expletives fly as part of our nightly entertainment and we rarely flinch. This language is unacceptable for mature adults no matter how commonplace it has become. Stand against this tide of filthy talk.

  1. Do some research and try to understand the true meaning of the foul language that is commonly used.
  2. Understanding brings enlightenment.
  3. Use words that are empowering and raise yourself above the street level of this common language. Good Christian, you are smarter and wiser than that, you really are.



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