Posted by: frankjwalker | August 18, 2013

You are Not a Hamster Part 2



You are not a Hamster Part 2



No matter how much you wish, try to be or need to be a hamster know this, you are not a hamster. Only hamsters are hamsters and you are not one.


People have this notion that if they wish hard enough their desires and dreams will come true all with little effort. Being a hamster takes a lot of work. Hard work, desire, talent and in many cases a lot of luck go in to being a hamster. Being a hamster is more than just running on that little wheel in the cage.


I am amazed that so many feel that are entitled to be hamsters, or movie stars or rock stars or NBA superstars. Look at the many talent shows on television where hundreds and thousands of people believe that they will be the next great hamster, I mean star. When they don’t win they cry, yell and scream and blame the judges and the world for not seeing what is obvious to them that they are a hamster.


I am not trying to squash any dreams here. But please understand the facts. About 5% of actors make a full-time living at their craft; one in a million is the chance you will have to play for the NBA.


The odds are against you if you want to be a star just like (you fill in the blank).


Not everybody can be a hamster, that is just a fact.


There are so many people sitting on their couches at home with the “woulda, coulda, and shouldas”. They feel that “only If” they had the right breaks; the right upbringing, the right location they too could be a rich and famous hamster.


So you love to play, act or sing what’s your plan B if stardom doesn’t happen? Is there someplace else or something else you can be a success?


Yes, you want to have that super bowl ring but is that really a great goal? Do you know what it takes, to be a champion? The hard work, talent and sheer luck that goes into being a champion is difficult if not impossible to come by.


But since you love the sport could you put your energy into some other aspect of your love for the game.  Check out the hundreds of support occupations it takes to keep the stars “stars”. Coaches, trainers, scouts, managers are just a few of the sports jobs that are needed to keep teams and athletes winners.


Look at the end of a movie to see all the jobs behind the camera that make a movie a movie. What’s a key grip anyway? If you can’t be in the spot light could you be the person handling the spot light to make the star shine?


Understand that no matter how much you may want to be a hamster I’m sorry you really can’t be a hamster.


But you can be happy and fulfilled being who you really are. Finding what you are can be just as satisfying as being a hamster.


Don’t get me wrong hamsters are cool. But so are parakeets, garter snakes, turtles, mice and being the human you were called to be.





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