Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | August 5, 2013

Looking In the Dark

Looking in the dark

light bulb unigraphy

The story goes like this a young girl is looking in her home for her lost doll. Her father came in to the room where she is looking and asks his daughter what she was doing. Well she explained “I’m looking for my doll that I lost in the other room”. The father looked at her puzzled. He exclaimed “Well why aren’t you looking for the doll in the other room?” “Because the light is off in that room and it is dark” she replied.

Sounds a little silly doesn’t it?  But, so many people are looking for answers in the safe bright light. We refuse to go to where the answer really is and or where our problems really started. To find missing answers and solve problems may mean we have to look in a dark place, a place long put aside or a place we are afraid of going to.

To find out who we really are we may have to go into the dark of our repressed emotions and fears. We may have to do a little work and even sweat a little. If we truly want to understand ourselves we have to search in the dark places of our heart and our past.

Only then will we find truth and enlightenment and in the end happiness with ourselves and our situation.

Take some time and take a look at the dark places in your life. Turn the light on and see yourself, your past and search for the true meaning as to who you are. Don’t fear the dark.

Frank Walker

registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern


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  1. darn, guess I have to look in the mirror now!

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