Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 28, 2013

You are not a Hamster




You are Not a Hamster


No matter how many times anyone tells you that you are; please understand you are not a hamster. There could be a vote and the majority of people could say that yes you are a hamster but I am sorry they are all wrong and you are not a hamster.

Now you have at least three choices in this situation. If people that you know, maybe even friends, relatives and family tell you that you are a hamster. Let me emphasize that yes you have choices when considering what they tell you. Here are the choices.

The first choice is to believe what people say and be a hamster. Even though you are not a hamster you can begin to act like a hamster and maybe even start to look like a hamster. You can even move in to a cage eat lettuce and have an exercise wheel. This is your choice you can believe what everyone is telling you. But even though you choose to be a hamster you are not a hamster.

A second choice is to do nothing at all and accept that people call you a hamster and there is nothing you can do about it. You can just get along with being called a hamster and not care. Hey, hamsters aren’t that bad and it could be worse you could be called a hedge hog. But the fact remains you are not a hamster or a hedge hog for that matter.

The third choice is more difficult and in the end more satisfying. Do not accept that you are called, identified as or pushed in to being a hamster. Take a look in the mirror. Notice you are not a hamster and just don’t be a hamster. This can be to do. Especially if you have been called a hamster over and over again all your life.  But know and understand the truth and the truth is you are not a hamster. The second part of this choice is to decide what you really are. This can be very exciting and very scary. But remember it is your choice and you are not a hamster.

You are not a hamster or stupid, ugly, dumb, an idiot, a (you fill in the blank with the negative things people have been telling you). You are who you chose to be and what you want to be.

We all have been given a life to live and in order to live it to the utmost we have to make choices. I order to live to our God given potential we must decide who we are and fully embrace our choices. If you don’t want to live a life that people have chosen for you then find those who will support who you choose to be.

I don’t mean to pick on hamsters in this article they are fine creatures but know this you are much more than a hamster. So choose to be much more than a hamster.

Frank Walker

registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern

registration #29002


Photo credit:

Robert Red2000


  1. I love using hamsters to explain this, so funny 🙂

  2. one of your best, really like the cute pic, too!

  3. Sometimes we all seem as such as we run on our treadmills!

  4. I noticed depression was a tag here. You are not saying that hamster and depression are synonymous here, are you? I agree that negative labels can be rejected, but depression would be different.

    • Accepting others negative assessments can be a cause of depression. This article stemmed form a real case I am working with. They were carrying years rejection and ultimately believe these false assessments.

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