Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 22, 2013

Grumblers and Fault Finders

Jude 1:16

These are the grumblers, finding fault, following after their own lusts…


Grumblers and fault finders, you know a few of them and so do I. They have their agendas and are able to take the steam out of any well-intentioned plan just by their negative attitude and remarks. Nothing is ever good enough for those people. They can’t be pleased and it doesn’t seem worth it to try to get their approval.

Hey wait a second, doesn’t it sound like I’m grumbling about grumblers? Herein lies the problem, it’s so easy to become a cynic. We can so easily move to the dark side of doom and gloom.

We Christians are children of the light and darkness should not be part of our lives. Yes, I know the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Things don’t look good out there, so what.

We’re on a winning side; we really are, look in the back of the book in Revelations. We’re going to heaven.

Christian grumblers and fault finders you should never be. Be light and hope to the world that doesn’t have any hope


  1. So what is your biggest gripe? Traffic, politics or hard to open plastic packaging? Whatever your gripe is turn it around. Look honestly for the good in all things.
  2. There is a God answer to everything find it. If you have problems ask your pastor, your mentor or any mature Christian brother or sister that you are comfortable with. But seek God’s direction honestly and earnestly.

Thank you

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