Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 15, 2013

Us Against Them…

James 4:11

Do not speak against one another, brethren…


Christians have enough trouble to deal with in the world without their Christian brothers getting into the mix too.

Christians need to keep each other in check, that’s true. But foremost we Christians need to back one another up. The world is looking for every way to slam people of faith. People love to see God centered people fall. We Christians should be there first to defend and exonerate our own. Yes, Christians make mistakes, get into trouble and act just like other humans. We are nowhere near perfection. But the whole point of being followers of Christ is that we know our limitations and count on the redemptive cleansing of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Christians aren’t perfect, they are just forgiven, and because of that forgiveness we Christians should be the first to hold up, not push down our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

  1. Do you have an “us against them” mentality when it comes to believers in “other” churches or denominations?
  2. If you do why? If you do you need to figure out why and get some healing.
  3. We Christians can’t be fighting over the minor things when it all comes down to the major stuff.
  4. Make a list of the major stuff
  5. Stand on those and set the minor stuff aside when it comes to your Christian brothers and sisters.



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