Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | July 9, 2013

41 Years

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This old codger and young lady with him have been married for 41 years now. (Those of you who know me personally will notice the summer beard experiment. Votes are still out on that.)The young lady with me has a great smile on her face because she is in her favorite place on earth the central coast of California.

To you young folks 41 years of marriage makes us sound like dinosaurs.  But it really hasn’t been that long, really. Hey and we are still together and still in love.

When I say in love I really mean it. Sure we have had our ups and downs and I won’t go into any of that. But we definitely want and desire to be with each other. We miss each other terribly when we are apart and  can’t think of anything better to do than be together. Just being with each other.

We still have the passion for each other and our marriage that we had in our youth. No that is not true, we have more passion and desire for one another now. Yes we are older and we may be dinosaurs at least as my gray beard might attest.  But we are wiser and like they say about fine wine, “It gets better with time”. It really does.

These 41 years are a testament to who we are, what we believe in and most of all our faith in a loving God.

So here’s a toast many more years with my love, my life and my all.

Frank and Suzanne Walker

Married July 8, 1972


  1. You look like an old fisherman! Props on 41 years! Of course you’re still young didn’t ya wed at 15?

  2. You guys are such a great example and an inspiration. Love you both and proud to be your daughter!

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