Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 15, 2013

Listen Despite the Noise

Excerpt from my book

Shut Up Book

A 40 day Biblical Approach to Controlling your Mouth

Luke 8:18

Therefore take care of how you listen…

We live in a world of noise. It seems that everyone is yelling for attention. I could fill this page with a list of the devices and media tools that are screaming out for us to notice. In the middle of all of this we are expected to listen to hear and make some sense of all the noise.

Jesus calls us to take care. Everything we hear, everything we see needs to be filtered through Biblical truth. The Bible is the litmus test for all things. Just because it’s in print, on the Internet or just because a famous preacher said it does not mean it is God’s truth. Test everything.

This counts even more in our own personal relationships. Rumors, gossip and innuendos can kill friendships, when a simple regard for facts and truth could save the day.

We have become used to the noise and chaos of our media saturated world. Truth is passed over in the search for sensational headlines and media scoops. Reporting used to mean in-depth investigation and fact-finding. Now much of what we hear and see is just pieces of a much larger picture. These bits and pieces become more important than the overall search for truth.

Remember good Christian God is truth (Psalm 119:160).

Speak the truth, seek the truth and listen to the truth and all this take great care.

  1. What are your favorite go to news sources? How do you know they are telling you the truth?
  2. What is your way of knowing what the truth is?
  3. Who do you personally trust that can perceive the truth?
  4. Are you a person that can listen for and speak the truth? Why? Why not?

Thank you

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