Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | May 7, 2013

A Good Grandparent…

Here is a list of what I feel a good Grandparent needs to be. I will explain each point in the coming weeks.  I am a grandparent of 8 grandkiddos so I do have a little experience.

I’m interested in your responses and ideas so let me know your thoughts.


A good grandparent

  1. Is first a good parent.
  2. Is part of the family system.
  3. Is a refuge for the kids and parents.
  4. Respects the parent’s rules.
  5. Is wise.
  6. Is not afraid to be playful.
  7. Takes the time to listen
  8. Doesn’t give advice unless it is sought
  9. Asks questions and listens
  10. Has a piece of candy in their purse or pocket

Thank you

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