Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | April 24, 2013

Study for the test

This Friday I will take the first test for licensure as an MFT in California. It has been frustrating and fearful experience. I know the stuff but do not know how to play the test game.

Isn’t that the way with much of life. It seems we all have the capacity to survive nicely in the world. However many of the rules and tricks to the test of life are hidden or surprise us as we go along. We didn’t see that one coming or hey the rules changed on that one.

But remember it’s all a test it really is and we have to take the test. You can’t run away or expect others to do it for you. Understand this too,you really can’t cheat at this life test thing.So do the best you can and know that with the Lord’s help we all get to pass.

Hey, if it is in your thoughts send a prayer my way as I am taking the four hour test on Friday at 1:30 Pacific Standard time.

Thank you


Thank you

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