Posted by: frankjwalker | April 11, 2013

Parent Priority Number Two

Priority Number Two

Priority number two may seem so simple but is so important in developing a successful family.

Families must eat dinner together.

Doesn’t sound that difficult but how many families really eat meals together? Everyone seems too be busy , have their own schedules and can’t be together. Here is why meals together are important and necessary.


First, the dinner table is where the family is together and that table becomes communication central.

Dinner is where a family checks in and lets members of the family know what’s going on. Communication skills are learned and practiced at the dinner table. Note, the meal should be media free. So no T.V. while you eat and definitely no text messaging.


Second, dinner is where accountability occurs.

Johnny and Janie should be talking about their day and how things went at school. Mom and Dad should model communication and also share how things went in their day and what they do at work. The key is communication. It’s been proven that students that eat with their family have better grades. Why? Because meals are the place children should be encouraged to talk about school. Through communication your children become accountable to the family for what they do at school.


Third, The dinner table is where manners are taught.

Asking “please” to pass the food, using a napkin and practicing proper manners are all important skills to learn, you have all seen rowdy kids at restaurants. Train your children in table manners the habits learned at dinner transfer in all areas of life.

Fourth, Jesus was always eating. Look through the scriptures and see all the time Jesus spent at the dinner table.

Parents are a model of Jesus. Your children are your disciples, like Jesus you should be eating together. What did Jesus do the night before he died? He had an intimate meal with his disciples his closest friends. Eating together builds family bonds.

Make family meals a priority.

It will bring your family together and builds a success model that lasts a lifetime.  


Frank J Walker LMFT

Frank is a marriage counselor living on the central coast. Check out all of his posts and view his videos “A Marriage Minute”

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