Posted by: Frank Walker LMFT | April 7, 2013

A Good Parent Point #8



A good parent…

  1. Takes care of the kid’s needs, they know their kid’s needs.

This business of being a parent is an intimate touchy feely thing. You get to know that little guy and gal as if you knew yourself. You know their personality their wants and desires. You hope for them, pray for them and dream for them.

You understand their baby talk long before the rest of the world does. You can hear their cry out of all the kids at the playground. You can pick their favorite story to read and sing their favorite song. You know your kid.

This knowing comes at a cost though. The cost is giving up your own rights in the place of your children. It means getting out of bed to check on them in the night even though you are dog tired.  It means turning off the TV, cell phone, video game or whatever when they call.

A good parent knows his kids and takes care of their needs.

Here is the whole list:

A good parent…


  1. Is available.
  2. Is loving but firm.
  3. Is willing to ask for help.
  4. Is the grownup not a friend.
  5. Loves without conditions.
  6. Is consistent.
  7. Has a plan.
  8. Takes care of their kids needs, they know their kids needs.
  9. Celebrates success and doesn’t hold to hurts and mistakes.
  10. Is not afraid to admit mistakes and move on.

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